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Professional Plan – Why go for this plan?

The benefits of this plan dramatically outweigh the additional fees incurred.

How? Paul will be sharing secrets, tips & tricks on how to source from the UK to sell in the US marketplace via Amazon Fba.

We have received many sellers enquiring about how to successfully dominate the US marketplace. This is simple, avoid joining the herd….. Be ahead of it.

Selling in the US is a fantastic opportunity mainly because of its size in comparison to the UK. However, by sourcing from the U.S you are essentially competing against every American seller, so yes the country is much bigger than the UK however what comes with that is much more competition.

“I cannot stress enough the importance of being ahead of the herd when it comes to the U.S marketplace, all it takes is to think a little differently from the rest and you will see your profit margins go through the roof with very little competition for a country the size of America”

 Paul Cousin.

British products are extremely popular in the United States, Products that simply can’t be sourced from anywhere other than the United Kingdom are in such high demand. Why not take advantage of this? Especially if your business is VAT registered you are in profit by 20% straight away.

How?  You can claim your VAT back because you are purchasing from the UK but the U.S do not charge VAT when your product sells meaning you will no longer dread that VAT bill, You will instead look forward to a nice cash injection for your business.

Why Use Prepared for you?

We have developed certain techniques that allow us to drastically reduce shipping costs to the U.S, with this being the main expense we really focused on this area. Working in volumetric weight is an art and if done correctly can increase profit margins by a further 50% making this process as cost effective as possible.

We are the only fulfilment centre in the UK that offer this service at this level of expertise. With 10 years of combined experience working in the US marketplace we really do have a fantastic understanding of what’s required.

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